Muslim Charity: Zakaah (Zakat) & Sadaqa Online Donations

Assalaamu `alaykum waRahmatullahi Wabarakatoh.  We are pleased to announce that you can now donate your Zakaah (Zakat) and Sadaqa charity online securely through PayPal or using Credit Cards (no PayPal account needed).  

Abu Hurairah (radi Allahu anhu - May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Prophet Sal Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam (May Allah exalt his mention and protect him from imperfection) said: "He who removes from a believer one of his difficulties of this world, Allah will remove one of his troubles on the Day of Resurrection; and he who finds relief for a hard-pressed person, Allah will make things easy for him on the Day of Resurrection..."

Donations collected through Relieve Humanity are distributed to the needy that qualify and are eligible to receive Zakaah Insha'Allah.  May Allah Subhaanahu wa ta'ala reward and bless you.  Ameen. JazakAllahu Khayrun wa BarakAllahu Feekum.

Donate Online Securely with PayPal or Credit Cards

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Donate by Mail

Donate by mailCheques payable to
Relieve Humanity Support Services may be mailed to:

120 Laguna Crescent
Markham, ON, L3S 3G5

Donate by Interac e-Transfer

Donate Online using Interac e-Transferlearn how to send money using Interac e-Transfer

Send the Interac e-Transfer donation to:
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Set the password: shifanow


Direct Bank Deposit

Direct Bank Deposit Donation

Bank: CIBC
Branch/Transit: 02232
Account: 3245411
Name: Relieve Humanity
Support Services
  Bank Code: 010
Bank Address:
7021 Markham Road
Markham, Ontario, Canada, L3S0C2